Comparing and Evaluating Resumes

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Comparing and Evaluating Resumes

If you are looking to fill a position and are wondering how to choose the right person out of a pool of qualified applicants, this article can help by offering helpful tips on comparing and evaluating resumes.

The number of applicants and resumes that you receive will depend on how large your organization is, the amount of advertising you did, and the position that is to be filled. In some cases, you may find yourself thumbing through 100 resumes or more. By comparing these resumes to one another, you can weed out the applicants who don’t measure up.

To start comparing resumes, pick out one to ten resumes that really shine. Compare every remaining resume in the pile to the special resumes that you chose and split them into three categories:

  • Doesn’t even come close to measuring up
  • May compare with chosen resumes
  • Better than chosen resumes

Evaluating Resumes

Using resumes that you chose and those that were comparable or better than those you chose, begin the process of evaluating resumes. Look carefully at each applicant’s work experience, education, and objective. Beware of sloppy resumes and large gaps in work history. Also beware of those who can’t offer thorough descriptions of previous positions.

Deciding who to hire and who not to hire can be tough. When evaluating resumes, it’s impossible to know for sure that you are choosing the best fit for the position and your organization. However, a resume can give you a pretty good idea of what an applicant is made of and may be the best way to evaluate your options.

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