Giving and Receiving Employee Feedback

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Employee feedback is essential to an organization. You need to give feedback to your employees and you must also ask for their feedback in return. This allows you to learn more about each worker and create a more productive workplace.

Giving Employee Feedback

By giving employees feedback, you let them know exactly where they stand. This is a great relief for employees because it gives them a better understanding of their job and the organization’s goals. It also eliminates confusion, frustration, and work-stress.

The key is consistency. Giving employee feedback must happen on a regular basis if you want it to be effective. In addition to giving annual performance reviews, you can also have weekly or monthly meetings, lunches, or informal chat sessions.

Receiving Employee Feedback

Receiving employee feedback on a regular basis is just as important. Employee feedback helps you gain insight into your employees’ attitudes and opinions. It also helps you to determine what motivates your employees, excites them, challenges them, etc. Receiving regular employee feedback allows you to track progression and incentive programs, and most importantly, increase employee retention.

Receiving employee feedback is easy. Employees want to be heard. All you need to do is offer a little bit of encouragement. You can open the lines of communication with anonymous surveys, employee meetings, and management evaluations.

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