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Glossary of Business Management Terms

Business Manager: A business manager is responsible for directing a group of people or an organization’s day-today business operations.

Business Seminars: A business seminar is an academic teaching devoted to business topics.

Cost-Effective: Cost effective is a term used to define purchases that are economical.

Delegate: Delegate is a term used to describe the act of passing on a duty or responsibility to someone else.

Employee Survey: An employee survey is a questionnaire that is filled out be employees. Most employee surveys contain questions pertaining to attitudes, feelings, goals, criticisms, or suggestions for improvement.

Fiscal Year: A fiscal year is a 12-month period used for calculating annual financial reports.

Labor Costs: Labor costs are the costs associated with paying employees for services rendered.

Leader: A leader is someone who provides guidance to others.

MBA: An MBA is a postgraduate degree awarded to those who have mastered the study of business administration.

Networking: Networking is the exchange of information, contacts, and experience.

Return on Investment: Return on investment describes the amount of profit that has been received from an investment.

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