Initiating New Policies

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Most employees hate change. They often fear that new policies will not be to their benefit and because of this, may show some reluctance to follow through with new procedures or rules. If you are looking for a few tips to ensure a smooth change, this article offers information on initiating new policies.

Initiating new policies can be difficult. People don’t often deal well with change, and many employees spend a great deal of time lamenting the loss of old ways. However, new policies can often help you serve customers better, work more efficiently, and in essence, run a better business.

Preparing for Change

Before initiating new policies, you may want to ask your employees for help constructing the policy. Employees who know the company, know their job, and understand the way business works, can often be of great help when initiating new policies and procedures. They may also be able to foresee potential concerns that the change may cause, preventing problems before they start.

The most important part of initiating a new policy is communication. You should always explain to your employees why a change is occurring and what the benefits are. Don’t leave your employees in the dark. This only causes confusion and frustration. By communicating the policy completely, you remove almost all cause for concern.

Initiating the New Policy

After you have put the new policy into effect, you will want to measure the results of the change. Talk to your employees and gauge their reactions. Ask questions like:

  • Has initiating the new policy helped you in any way?
  • Has the new policy caused you any problems?
  • Is there any way that the policy can be improved upon?
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