Postcard Printing

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Postcard Printing

Postcard printing is a great way to contact your customers directly and economically. There are many postcard printing companies that will not only, print your postcards but will handle the mailing of the postcards to your customers. All you would need to do is submit to them your mailing list. Many online postcard printing companies online offer these types of services.

Here are some things to consider before you start your work with a printing company:

1. Color: Going full color or 4 color with your postcards can make a big impression on your customer. However if you are trying to cut costs and do your printing for as cheap as possible, consider going block and white. With a good design, black and white can make an equally dramatic or eye-catching statement about your products as full color can. If you are doing custom work and using a designer, perhaps you might want to try a couple of designs in black and white and see how they look. You might be able to find one that works and will save you money.

Cut Costs: It’s crucial to compare quotes from multiple printing companies. Even if you are already working with a certain company. It is recommended that you bid out every printing job to other companies. The rule of thumb is to get at least 5 quotes from other printing companies before you commit to working with one. The reason for this is that printing companies often specialize in particular type of printing work, like postcards, posters, business cards or brochures. When they specialize in one type of product, they can many times offer deep discounts on things like postcards. It’s important to search for the sales, discounts and special offers on the printed product you need.

Turnaround Time: Don’t forget to find out about turnaround times on the postcards before you commit to work with a certain company. Turnaround times vary widely with every printing company and it’s important to find that out ahead of time. Turnaround times vary even with different products within a company. Some companies offer 24 hour turnaround times for postcards while others may take over a week to complete the work. This is a factor you will want to know and figure into your overall quote. If you find that you have matching quotes, faster turnaround times might end up being the tie breaker.

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